Audubon Park Pool in Ruins (1994)
The Central Fountain of the
main pool complex.  This
was a very large and
spectacular water gusher.
The Central Fountain of
the Baby Pool.  This, too,
 was a spectacular water
Dolores at the no-longer-used small kiddie pool near the Audubon Park Natatorium.  
Mother Vyna took us here frequently when we were quite young (three or four.)  By
age five, we had "graduated" to the Baby Pool at the big pool complex
It was a real thrill for kids
that small to be put into
the upper fountain here,
with water gushing over
into the shallow pool
below!  Note the bronze
statue of a mother with
her child, with older
children to the sides.
More Photos
The main pool complex, as seen from the shallow end
on the women's entrance side.
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