Eddie Albert
In 1977, Carvajal spent three months working with actor Eddie Albert,
producing a made-for-TV, 30-minute documentary,
Solar Energy, The
Great Adventure
, winner of the 1978 Cine Golden Eagle Award for best
documentary film of the year.  The two were reunited at the awards
banquet, along with Ms. Tina Hobson (an official at the Department of
Energy), who sponsored the production.  In this picture, Albert is recording
portions of the film's narration sound track as Carvajal looks on
Photos by Tom Healey, Monumental Films, Inc.
Joe Carvajal goes over some script
changes with Eddie Albert, on location in
Hollywood.  Albert, a knowledgeable
energy conservationist, had a lot of
personal input to Carvajal's script.  They
spent many hours working on it at
Albert's home in Pacific Palisades.
Film's Award Certificate
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