Harold Russell
Harold Russell and Cathy
O'Donnell in William Wyler's
Academy Award-winning film,
"The Best Years of Our Lives."
Studio Photo -- 1946
In addition to his Best Supporting
Actor Oscar, Russell was awarded
a second Oscar "for bringing hope
and courage to his fellow veterans."
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Harold Russell in 1964, with Eunice
Kennedy Shriver, Head of the
Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation.
Photo by Joe Carvajal
Clipping scanned from April, 2002, edition of the American Legion Magazine
Academy Award-winning actor Harold Russell and Joe Carvajal first became
friends in the late '50s, when Carvajal was doing some free-lance,
moonlighting P.R. work for the AMVETS organization which Russell had
helped to launch (along with Stan Allen and others).  In 1963, Carvajal
became Executive Secretary to President Kennedy's Committee on
Employment of the Handicapped, with retired Marine Corps General Melvin
Maas as Chairman of the Committee.  Following General Maas' death,
President Johnson appointed Harold Russell as Chairman, and Carvajal's old
friend became his boss.  When Carvajal left that job to enter the Foreign
Service, in 1966, Russell continued on as Committee Chairman for a number
of years.  That Presidential appointment was without doubt Harold Russell's
"high-watermark" job, and it's surprising that this American Legion Magazine
article doesn't even mention it.
Harold Russell in a 1947 studio
publicity photo. (Carvajal was a
junior in high school at the time.)