Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Arriving at D.C. Junior Village for a
Christmas visit, and being greeted by the
D.C. Director of Social Services.
Photos by Joe Carvajal
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At this Yuletide event at D.C. Junior Village, a news photographer, seeking a
"better angle," got up on a table at which several children were seated, while Mrs.
Kennedy spoke to them.  The table came crashing down, throwing the
photographer to the floor.  Somehow, no one was hurt, but the Secret Service
agents grabbed the man and hustled him outside, while he shouted, "I'm with the
Associated Press!"
Jackie Kennedy pays a Christmas visit to D.C. Junior
Village, an orphanage.
Photo by Joe Carvajal
Jackie, with JFK at Blair House, greeting the arriving President of
Pakistan, and his wife.    
    Photo by Joe Carvajal