John Fitzgerald Kennedy
President-Elect Kennedy
prepares to leave White
House after meeting with
Photo by Joe Carvajal
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President-Elect John F.
Kennedy talks to newsmen
outside the West Wing
entrance to the White
House, after meeting with
President Eisenhower.  
November, 1960.
Photo by Joe Carvajal
Kennedy departing the White
House.  Photographer Abbie
Rowe is the tall man with
silver hair and glasses,
standing behind car.
Photo by Joe Carvajal
Just three years later, Abbie Rowe took
this picture in the Rose Garden of the
White House, at the conclusion of a
ceremony in which Carvajal (standing
behind the President) was sworn in as
Executive Director of the President's
Committee on Employment of the
Handicapped, a P.R. and promotional
program near and dear to the Kennedy
family.  This photo was taken on
November 7, 1963.  On November 22,
1963, John Kennedy was killed in Dallas.
Photo by Abbie Rowe