Special State Department Passport Used for Pentagon Operations Overseas (1956 - 1960)

Pentagon Pass held from 1974 to
1980, while making Federal
documentary films and using
production studios and other
facilities located in the Pentagon.
Sites visited while holding this
Pentagon Special-Ops passport
(various code-named operations
during period 1956-1960):
Morocco (Tangiers)
Spain (Barcelona)
Italy (Genoa, Naples)
Monaco (Monte Carlo)
France (Nice)
Greece (Athens)
Turkey (Istanbul and many other
locales in that major working area.)
Lebanon (Beirut)
U.S.S.R. (Odessa)
Eastern Canadian Arctic
During the Korean War, Carvajal was a teenaged Naval Aerial Photographer and
Photo Interpretation Specialist stationed at the Navy's Photo Intelligence Center
in Washington, D.C.  The highly specialized training he and his young colleagues
received, and the highly classified work they were doing, translated directly into
urgent Pentagon needs with regard to the Cold War..  After their active-duty
time, they were recruited while still in college at G.W.U. and sent overseas on
special operations designed to ring the old Soviet Union with secret missile
launching sites.